Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Download Photo Editor, Magic Photo Editor

Magic Photo easilly blends your digital photo onto another picture (a landscape picture etc). You can also add some pretty frames, cliparts, cartoon pictures or write your comments on the photo to make it more beautiful and attractive. 2180 masks, 100 cliparts,180 cartoons, 100 frames, 60 outlines for you to add to your photo

Get Magic Photo Editor for giving the magical touch to your favorite digital photos.
This standalone tool with its magical abilities to blend different photos into one is outstanding. This tool will softly blend two different digital photos into one to give it a stunning look. The tool is enhanced with effective editing features that will easily and quickly allow blending of photos and add some special effects to them. This easy to use tool can be used even by a novice user, all you have to do is click the new button, use the background option to load a background image, next you can load your photo, now with the options such as mask, flower and text you can easily choose mask, add floral effect to your photo and even write comments on your photo. The tool also allows you to add as many flowers, text or photos to the photo drop image and easily adjust the position and size of each and every photo and flower.
Magic Photo Editor is a reliable tool that assures high quality output.

Fitur yang ada di dalamnya meliputi :
a. Disediakan 20 masks
b. 20 macam cliparts
c. 20 macam gambar cartoon
d. 20 macam outline gradient maupun single color
e. 8 macam speaking ballon dan dapat ditambahkan tulisan sesuai keinginan anda
f. 20 macam frame atau bingkai foto yang mempercantik foto anda

Magic Photo Editor v4.7 – AT4RE
File Size : 11168KB Language:English
OS : Win2000/XP/2003/Vista

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